Who We Are


We are an industry staffing association that provides you with quality service and professional truck drivers for your leasing needs.


DECA has promoted the interest of the driver employer industry for more than 45 years. It is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the interests of driver employer companies.

DECA Members enjoy access to a rich assortment of benefits to help them become a better provider of drivers at every level of your organization.

DECA Member Firms provide a solution for companies in need of truck drivers but do not want the responsibilities of being the employer for these drivers.

Driver employers relieve their clients of the myriad responsibilities involved in the hiring, supervising, monitoring, and replacing of drivers.


Driver services firms first joined in industry-wide activities in the late 1960’s, when the practice of providing drivers was under attack from a transportation regulatory perspective. In several cases before the Interstate Commerce Commission, the ability of private motor carriers to utilize drivers provided by other entities in their fleet operations was challenged. In the Personnel Services case, resolved after the Council’s formation, that authority was sustained, in a ruling that ultimately was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In recent years, DECA has been involved in a wide variety of issues, at both the national and state levels that impact driver services operations. “Joint Employer” issues under a variety of labor, pension or other statutes, have been an area of ongoing legal and regulatory activity.

DECA was also involved in the extensive dealings with the National Council of Compensation Insurance and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners concerning the development of special rules governing workers compensation coverage in such arrangements. At the state level, DECA has been involved in legislative and regulatory proceedings that involve unemployment compensation, workers compensation and tax issues that relate specifically to arrangements in which businesses rely on the services of workers provided by third parties, such as DECA-member firms.