Driver Employer Council Of America (DECA) Membership

For more than 45 years, members and friends of the Driver Employer industry have worked together as an Association to help our industry grow, stay informed and fend off legal risks.

Benefits of Membership in DECA

Professional Development

Industry Networking

Unified Industry Protection

Access to Vendors


When drivers are provided by a DECA-member firm in the United States or Canada, you begin to enjoy significant savings. Your drivers are directly employed by the DECA firm which does the recruiting, hiring, examinations, screening, training, and Commercial Driver’s License programs.

This cost-effective package undertakes total responsibility and accountability for the drivers, thereby relieving you of the myriad details involved in hiring, supervising, monitoring and replacing your own drivers. As a result, you are free to concentrate on other matters important to your firm’s well-being and bottom-line enhancement.

Take a good look at the many benefits shown which are yours from a DECA-member company. These firms are dedicated to providing you with the finest, most competent drivers available on the road today. You can depend on DECA to give you the bottom line, not the same old line. Act today, for a hassle-free tomorrow!


Highly-Qualified Drivers

DECA-member firms professionally recruit, screen, and process truck drivers under existing laws, rules and regulations. As a result, you are assured of receiving highly-qualified, competent drivers.

In addition, many firms provide replacement driver personnel, utilizing the same criteria as for assigned personnel.

Insurance and Benefits

DECA members provide Workers Compensation, General Liability Insurance, and in addition, provide other benefit packages for their employees, thus relieving you of these obligations.

Private, Contract, and Common Carrier Operations

DECA-member firms are involved with all sizes and types of motor carrier operations. As such, their expertise is strong in developing and operating truck fleets. You can rely on them for safety, efficiency, and cost-effective operations.

Additional Services Related to the Transportation Industry

A variety of related Transportation and Distribution services are generally available to your firm from DECA-member companies. They include computer operators, forklift operators, dispatchers, warehouse helpers, and shipping clerks and clerk typists.

Labor Relations

One of the primary reasons that carriers depend on DECA-member firms is the avoidance of labor relations problems.

In unionized operations, DECA-member firms negotiate and sign collective bargaining agreements with the local unions, as the employer of the drivers. In addition, the DECA member will be responsible for the discipline the drivers and will handle union grievances that may arise.

In non-union operations, DECA-member companies also handle discipline and grievance matters in a similar manner.

Since the DECA-member company is the employer, your business is shielded from the labor relations consequences of dealing directly with the drivers.


DECA educational meetings are held at various intervals during the year. Member firms are invited to attend in order to increase their knowledge of issues that directly affect them and their clients.

Guest speakers, who are professionals in their respective fields are invited to these meeting to discuss topics relating to the Department of Transportation, National Labor Relations Board, Insurance, Safety Education, Drug Education and Legislative/ Regulatory bodies.

Payroll Administration

Companies that are members of the Driver Employer Council of America perform all payroll administration for you including payment of all wages, state/federal payroll taxes, workers compensation and so much more. Invoicing is custom-designed for you in appropriate detail.

Safety Programs

DECA-member firms are generally affiliated with safety organizations such as the National Safety Council, and in most instances, maintain their own safety award programs for the enhancement of driver safety.

Responsibility and Accountability

Your drivers are meticulously selected by a process of thorough screening and testing, paid for by the DECA-member firm. This includes medical examinations, drug and alcohol screening including random testing, and professional credentials regarding equipment operation.

Driver application forms, periodic monitoring of drivers, personnel file maintenance, qualifying medical examinations, and drug and alcohol screening, are all completed and performed in accordance with D.O.T. rules and regulations so that you rest easy.

The end result of utilizing a DECA-member firm is to provide you with the services of the finest, most competent drivers available on the road today!

Driver Services

The Driver Employer Council of America (DECA), which is synonymous with professionalism, is the officially recognized voice and forum of the driver service companies and addresses issues of common industry concern.

From its early years, the Driver Employer Council of America has undergone a dramatic increase in membership by providing their customers with benefits and services that are not otherwise available. Today, over 30% of all private carriers utilize the services of drivers obtained from driver service companies.
If your company uses contract drivers and desires to investigate a program utilizing drivers supplied by DECA-member firms , please contact us and learn about and experience all the advantages DECA members can provide. You’ll enjoy maximum benefits while minimizing your costs!


DECA-member firms are capable of providing total supervision of your warehouse and fleet functions, if desired. Alternatively, if it is a better fit for your organization’s needs, our personnel can perform operations functions, fulfill training and/or safety needs, perform routing and dispatch, and other specialized functions. The needs of the individual customer, truck fleet and distribution activity can determine the nature of the supervisory service our organizations can provide, along with the drivers, warehouse workers and other personnel.

Logistics Consultation

Many DECA-members have extensive experience in the distribution field, and are able to provide valuable assistance in the full range of logistics functioning. For example, providers that are members of DECA often assist clients in assessing equipment needs and costs, and making such arrangements. They frequently coordinate activities with outside carriers to the extent necessary to ensure that all transport needs are satisfied, perform or assist with electronic data analysis (including acquisition of appropriate hardware and software to manage and assess the fleet function), and handle invoicing, accounts payable and receivable. DECA-member companies can perform multi-faceted services that help your fleet and distribution function work more efficiently and effectively.

Additional Transportation and Distribution Services

To meet your total needs, DECA providers carefully test and qualify transportation support personnel. As with our drivers, we can assure you that our support people will effectively meet their job classifications. In each of their respective tasks, you can depend on a superior level of performance:

  • Computer Operators
  • Forklift Operators
  • Dispatchers
  • Warehouse Helpers
  • Shipping Clerks
  • Clerk/Typist

Act today, for a hassle-free tomorrow!

You can depend on DECA to give you the bottom line, not the same old line.